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Possum Alley Podcast (No. 3)


Dominick Pugliese and Wilson Duggan (pictured above) and I met and talked about cicadas. More podcasts coming soon.


Possum Alley Podcast No. 2

We’re one for one on keeping it weekly.


Elliott Day is a close friend of mine who I know from summer camp in Vermont, where he teaches water skiing. He is a Physics major entering his senior year at Syracuse University. He once tried to eat 20 McDonald’s hamburgers in 2 hours (DNF) and has been called a personification of Bart Simpson.

In the podcast, we discuss life at Syracuse, his recent shoulder surgery, skateboarding and the upcoming camp season.

Last week, I found the Greenberg House in Woodley Park. I had no idea it existed, but there it is. According to its website, the Greenberg House is a hub for student recruitment, and alumni and government relations in D.C.

Possum Alley Podcast No. 1

Why not, right?

Friday night, I got a call from my friend Nick, who said he needed help moving a futon from Gonzaga’s K Street house to his bedroom at his family’s home to replace a lesser-quality futon.

Progress was slow.
Progress was slow.

The futon got up one flight of stairs, but could not fit into the doorway leading to the third floor. It was also stuck in the doorway. We proceeded to take it apart.

Nick vs Futon

Afterwards, we got coffee and recorded an hour-long conversation about Nick’s experience, interest and involvement in firewalking. Unfortunately, it was deleted, so we recorded one last night. has all the information you could want about firewalking.

Let me know in the comments whether there are any people or topics you would like to hear about on future podcasts.