Five graphic novels I read in 2013

I read Rep. Lewis’ “March: Book One” as well, but I’m sure you’ve heard enough about that one already.

Another lil’ wrap-up of things I read in 2013. As a sometimes-member of the Politics & Prose Graphic Novel book group, I have enjoyed discussing graphic novels/comics/graphic narrative/sequential art/whatever with others who enjoy the genre. It has been fun to read different works and discern what I like and don’t like within the genre.

Siegfried Vol. 1 (2012)
By Alex Alice

Volume 1 of a three part graphic adaptation of Wagner’s Ring Cycle. The French just know how to do comics. The art looks very Disney, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Neverending Story to me. Unnecessary section on the creative and development process in the back. I don’t read much/any fantasy, so this was a nice departure from my usual picks. So very Franch.

Marbles (2012)
By Ellen Forney
The best book I’ve read about mental illness. (I haven’t read many on the subject.) Solid graphic memoir that isn’t weepy. Very practical story about her illness and career. One of the top three books I read this year. Highly recommended.

The Nao of Brown (2012)
By Glyn Dillon
Big volume lushly published. I like the immensity of the work. Good art. Lazy ending. Twee. Odd. Plot aspects, like the protagonist’s Buddhist faith, don’t lead anywhere. Everyone in the book group was confused by this one.

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life (2004)
By Bryan Lee O’Malley
Great story. Fun art. The first graphic novel I’ve read on Kindle. Loved the movie. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Makes me want to visit Toronto.

Optic Nerve #13 (2013)
By Adrian Tomine
As good an artist and writer as Tomine is, I wish he could lighten up a bit.


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