Bat Country @ Burning Man

PoloLoungeThe most fun time I had at Burning Man was Wednesday afternoon, August 28.

In Burning Man’s What Where When guide, a Hunter S. Thompson happy hour was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at Bat Country, the HST themed camp. The members of the camp style themselves after a biker gang and wear matching embroidered leather vests. At night, their bar was lit by tall gas flames, where bartenders slice any lemons or limes with a machete.

Bat Country was located on the edge of Black Rock City at the 10 p.m. radial bordering the playa, across the street from Funky Town, a dance camp from Montana and Wyoming.

I remember that the happy hour started at 2:45 p.m., but only two people dressed at Hunter S. Thompson showed up. It turns out the listing was misprinted, and the real happy hour was the day before—”Hunter S. Tuesday”. In about half an hour, though, there were about a dozen Hunters at the circular bar, many in character. Some took turns reading aloud from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Below are my favorite drawings I drew during the week.

Swatter Sunnies HunterSThompson-Orange tumblr_mt1bysE3St1qjs7yio4_1280



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